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Want to beautify your iPhone 12 screen. This post contains the highest quality wallpapers that will give your mobile device a unique look. In the rest of the post you can read the basic features of the phone as well as its advantages and basic features.

Technical characteristics of iPhone 12
The beating heart of the iPhone 12 is the A14 processor, produced by TSMC under Apple’s supervision: production began in the second quarter, so in late spring. It is the first iPhone equipped with a processor produced with a 5 nm process (the A12 / A13 were produced at 7 nm): this implies better performance and lower consumption compared to the previous generation. The 5 nm production process allows to equip this chip with 11.8 billion transistors, with an increase in CPU performance by 40% and GPU performance by 30%. However, greater energy efficiency and improved performance represent only part of the technological development of this SoC (System on Chip), which also makes significant leaps forward with regard to the workloads on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

On the one hand, the adoption of this chip further increases the gap between the performance of the A1X processor family from Apple and the Snapdragons produced by Qualcomm, those used in the vast number of Android smartphones and tablets, which is they usually always come second or third in synthetic benchmarks.

With a more powerful processor, there is also a greater amount of RAM: it goes from 4 GB of the previous flagship model to 6 GB, an increase of 50%. They might seem few, compared to Android competitors who field products from 12 GB and even 16 GB of RAM memory, but the iOS software is very optimized and takes full advantage of the available resources, allowing performance comparable to the other top of the range, albeit with a quantity less available memory.

This iPhone 12 boasts the latest generation 5G support with mm Wave technology, thanks to a multi-year contract with Qualcomm signed until 2024 for the development and integration of a proprietary 5G modem. Official documents confirm that Apple products use the Qualcomm SDX55 modem, and indirectly that the new generation cellular networks with mm Wave technology are supported by the iPhone 12, which is fully compatible with the 5G standard. Unfortunately, as a consequence of the confirmation, it is clear that Apple was unable to produce and adopt its own proprietary modem before the contractual expiration with Qualcomm, but it is important for users to know that starting from this generation all future iPhones will be able to exploit 5G networks at maximum theoretical performance.

According to previous leaks, Apple should have introduced Promotion panels at 90Hz / 120Hz, to remain competitive with the competition, which during the course of 2020 showed off displays with high refresh rates. Such panels are already available on top of the range products such as Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Unfortunately, the screen refresh rate remains unchanged, at 60Hz, a solution that could make those looking for the latest turn up their noses. News in every area, but the Cupertino company has nevertheless introduced improvements for the display sector.

For the occasion, Apple’s 6.1-inch diagonal display receives a new name: Super Retina XDR. This screen made with OLED technology offers support for Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, and is protected by a Ceramic Shield glass, which according to Apple offers 4 times more drop protection than the iPhone 11.

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Photo compartment of iPhone 12
New in the field is the presence of a Time of Flight sensor, a 3D camera that allows the iPhone 12 to map the surrounding environment up to a distance of about 5 meters. It is a type of sensor based on laser technology, different from the one used to project and calculate the 3D map of our face with the Face ID system.
It is not only used to help when taking photos in Portrait mode, where the calculation of the depth of the scene is a decisive factor, but also to enable interactions in augmented reality (AR). The Cupertino company would also be working on an accessory for the iPhone, smart glasses, which could be complementary to the use of the next iPhone models, and which will rely on augmented reality for a unique user experience.
iPhone 12, however, is not equipped with the new LiDAR sensor, already seen on iPad Pro 2020, which calculates the light response in order to map the environments and have an optimal autofocus even in critical light conditions: this feature is reserved for the models of the line Pro.
There are two photographic sensors, both 12 Megapixel, one normal and another wide angle, with the latter now letting 27% more light through than the iPhone 11, and more. From today, the night mode can also be used on the wide-angle camera, for perfect panoramic shots even in critical lighting conditions. When the conditions are optimal, however, the Deep Fusion algorithm intervenes which analyzes different exposures and offers the highest possible level of detail.
Another novelty concerning the photographic sector is the presence of image stabilization through sensor-shift, a technology that stabilizes the sensor and not the lens system, as is normally the case on lenses equipped with OIS, Optical Image Stabilization. These are two technologies that compensate for camera shake and shake, for more stabilized images and videos.
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