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Want to beautify your iPhone X screen. This post contains the highest quality wallpapers that will give your mobile device a unique look. In the rest of the post you can read the basic features of the phone as well as its advantages and basic features

.iPhone X has arrived, it was a media and sales (and reservations) success. A unique product, which drastically renews the company’s product range, is the forefather of a small internal revolution but which for many is still synonymous with some contradictions. Let’s leave philosophy aside and get to the practical: how does this iPhone X work?

iPhone X is made with a stainless steel profile in the same color as the rear glass. This smartphone, compared to the past, changes some stylistic rules: the camera is now more protruding and positioned vertically instead of horizontally and the glass on the back allows you to no longer have to have the bands for the antennas and guarantees support for wireless charging.

In your hand, the smartphone is extremely pleasant to use, keeping intact a strong point of the Apple tradition, that is, feeling from the first contact that you have a quality product in your hands.

The protruding camera becomes a bore only when the phone is placed on a rigid surface. The smartphone slides smoothly into your pocket and is never ever a nuisance despite the not insignificant weight of 174 grams. It is slightly slippery, and the grip is not always very firm, especially because with your hand you will have to reach larger portions of the screen than before.

iPhone X is still resistant to water and dust according to the IP67 standard. The physical keys are positioned at the right point and there is no lack of the classic physical switch to silence the ringtone.

Apple updates its hardware using the latest 6-core processor called Apple A11 Bionic paired with the home-made 3-core GPU. These are components capable of generating amazing power especially thanks to the optimization carried out by the company over the years.

We have 3 GB of RAM (half compared to the top of the Android range, but a lot for an iOS device) and 64 or 256 GB of non-expandable internal memory. Good connectivity: LTE up to 600 Mbps, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC for Apple Pay and GPS with support also for GLONASS and Galileo.

The rear speaker is very good and is also “supported” by the ear capsule to generate a stereo effect. Unfortunately, as we knew, the 3.5 mm audio connector for headphones is missing. Traditionally there is no notification LED. The novelty of this X is definitely the front 3D sensor that scans your face when the smartphone is awakened (by lifting it or pressing the power button) to unlock the phone.

The system proved to be incredibly precise, leaving behind the competition that had already tried the path of unlocking with the face. It’s accurate, fast, and works from a huge number of angles. It works after a major haircut, with sunglasses, scarf and hat.

We would be lying if we told you that it has never failed, but it is an extremely rare opportunity (2-3 times in probably a thousand breakouts) and in a couple of cases justified by a hand on the face and a fork in the mouth. It is an unlocking that you will not remember after a while, although the fingerprint reader in some contexts is still a more practical solution.

This post is definitely a good choice if you like to change backgrounds often. All the features and iPhone X wallpapers you want to use from this post are free and the possibilities are limitless.
iPhone X has basically the same camera as iPhone 8 Plus, although in addition to the new arrangement we also have a new telephoto lens with ƒ / 2.4 aperture, therefore brighter than that of the cheaper smartphone. First, this is a very fun camera to use. The interface is simple, the focus is fast, and the shot is lightning fast (with a rewarding physical feedback to the pressure).
The photos are then practically always well-balanced in colors and exposure, creating images that you will want to share, despite the not very high resolution (12 megapixels and in any case average).
It is a lens with an optically stabilized ƒ / 1.8 aperture, as well as the 2x optical zoom of the telephoto lens is also stabilized. In direct comparison with other top smartphones, it can still take some slightly less convincing shots (especially on the exposure calculation) but it is still one of the best smartphones for taking pictures in circulation.
Then we have a nice and functional Portrait mode that now works, thanks to the 3D face scanner, also on the front camera, albeit with much less precise results.
Then we have the animated photos and beautiful slow motion videos in Full HD at 240 fps. Speaking of videos, we confirm the excellent impressions seen on 8 Plus with very defined and extremely stable videos up to 4K resolution, now also at 60 fps (watch out for space that will run out quickly).
Apple is using an OLED panel on its smartphone for the first time. It is a 5.8-inch display at the top of its category, with an excellent resolution (2436 x 1125 pixels), excellent brightness, incredible viewing angles and a printed “film” effect that only the previous iPhones and a few other devices had given us (also thanks to an almost perfect oleo phobic treatment).
It is a display that covers almost the entire surface of the front of the iPhone X, except for a recess on the top that contains the front camera and sensors (including those for 3D scanning of the face).
This means that its small flaps remain on the sides that contain the time, the battery and the status of the network. These two nubs are not particularly useful and are not inherently beautiful, but they give the smartphone an iconic design, while at the same time allowing it to really reach the “edge” of the phone on all 4 sides.
In some contexts this recess can also be annoying, although it rarely happens and with habit it is not a big problem.
It also supports True Tone to adapt to ambient light and also HDR10. Ah, and for those who care about the blue tint, tilting the screen is only noticeable at considerable inclinations, as on all the best OLED panels.
We hope we have brightened your day with this post that clarified the features of the iPhone X.
Share iPhone X wallpapers with your friends and use them for personal use only.

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