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Lofi Phone Wallpapers: Add a Relaxing Touch to Your Screen

Unwind and add some style to your phone with these lofi-themed wallpapers. Perfect for setting the mood while working or listening to music.

Lofi, short for “low-fidelity,” is a genre of music characterized by its relaxed and mellow beats.

It’s often used as background music for studying, working, or just chilling out.

Did you know that the lofi music trend started on YouTube?

In the early 2010s, a user named ChilledCow began live streaming a video of an anime girl studying a playlist of lofi hip-hop tracks.

The streams became so popular that ChilledCow turned it into a full-fledged record label.

Lofi music isn’t the only way to add a touch of relaxation to your life, though.

Lofi-themed phone wallpapers are a great way to bring that same chilled-out vibe to your device.

These wallpapers feature soothing imagery and designs that match the aesthetic of lo-fi music.

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