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Get Your Squeal On With Adorable Pig Wallpapers for Your Phone

From playful piglets to snuggly sows, these wallpapers will add some oink to your phone’s home screen.

Pigs are more than just farm animals – they’re super cute and make great phone wallpapers!

Did you know that pigs are pretty intelligent and have been known to play video games more successfully than some primates? That’s right – they can even learn to use a joystick and play simple games on a computer.

Imagine having a wallpaper on your phone featuring a piggy gamer with headphones and a determined expression.

Pigs also are known to be clean animals and to keep their living spaces tidy. They even have their toilet areas and will use them consistently if appropriately trained.

How cute would it be to have a wallpaper featuring a piggy using its very own outhouse?

But perhaps the most endearing quality of pigs is their love for snuggles. Pigs are social animals and crave attention and affection from their human caregivers.

What could be better than a wallpaper on your phone featuring a piggy snuggling with its human best friend?

Whether you’re a piggy fanatic or love all things cute and fuzzy, there’s a pig wallpaper.

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