The iPhone X is one of the most precious devices Apple has ever released, but the overall look and feel is complemented by stunning wallpapers that come preloaded on the device. Motion backgrounds have changed after a long time, but are currently exclusive to the iPhone X.

However, you can grab them right away.
Apple has introduced six new live wallpapers that you can interact with via Force Touch and seven dynamic dark themes with iOS 11. iPhone X users have already had access to 3 live wallpapers, similar to those shown on the device’s official packaging. But 3 live wallpapers, with light shimmering sand moving around the screen, in the official video of the product, will break through to the iPhone X with the iOS 11.2 update.

The new live wallpapers are already active in the beta version of iOS 11.2, and we have all the brilliant wallpapers for your comfort. Here you can download all live wallpapers for iPhone X to radiate an iPhone X-like aura from any of your current devices. Although all official live wallpapers show strong pressures on the screen, the above examples of wallpapers are static and do not show the same behavior. It will only replicate the iPhone’s attractive style.