Stunning Wallpapers for iPhone 11

Wallpapers for iPhone 11 are individual, sometimes brightly colored, sometimes with interesting patterns or minimalist. But what options are there to set up your own wallpaper on iOS? What are the best sources for high quality wallpapers? And how do you find the best wallpaper for your device?

The perfect motif for background images.

The standard iPhone 11 wallpapers from Apple are not bad, but they can get boring quickly. If you want a little more individuality and have not taken the right picture yourself, like me, look for a new wallpaper sometimes. Nevertheless, as a former photographer, I know that pictures with people are particularly liked because of the emotions that go with them. 

On the other hand, the # 1 reason is to hang up a painting, not the motif but its color composition. Gray is out. However, I believe that there are further selection criteria for iPhone 11 wallpapers. Photos of people are less suitable as wallpapers because some important part is always covered by an app or an app name. So which picture still looks good with holes?

I prefer wonderful colors and expressive contours that don’t distract me too much and are still nice to look at. I also always equate the background image with the lock screen image. You can also tap and hold to play live photos on the lock screen.

The right resolution for iPhone 11 wallpaper. In order for wallpaper to be displayed sharply, the image resolution must be at least as large as the screen resolution of the device. With the parallax effect activated by default, the image must be around 20% larger. For iPhones there is a good overview of the different display resolutions. To find out the resolution of your iPad, I recommend using this post, which records all Apple devices with their specifications.

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