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Without a doubt, one of the most criticized aspects about the design of the iPhone X is that upper frame where the camera and other Face ID sensors are housed. 

Commonly called ‘notch’ in Shakespeare’s language and better known here as notch, eyebrow, chin or whatever you want to describe it, it is annoying to more than one user as it clutters in the middle of the screen. Now, there is a method with which to hide the iPhone X bar, at least in the main menu.

The trick, as they tell us from Gadget hacks, is to set custom-made wallpapers to hide this notch, thus achieving a full-frame illusion. And if you do not like the wallpapers that we bring you, you can always create your own through an app that we will tell you later.

If you are one of those who is not entirely happy with Apple’s solution to keep the front camera where it has historically always been, you can take advantage of these wallpapers with which you will hide this controversial bar.

These are the backgrounds you should download: Wallpapers to hide the notch of the iPhone X.

Specifically, they are the same that come by default in the iPhone X, but adjusted in such a way that where the bar would go, there is a black background that completes the design of the same, thus hiding the two horns in the upper corners. You simply have to download them from your iPhone X and save them in the terminal.

Notcho, the app (paid) that automatically applies the “anti notch” effect to any wallpaper

Although if you do not want to spend the money on Notcho and you are a handyman of graphic design, or at least you have enough control to use a Photoshop template, you can always download this PSD file with which you simply have to load the image and adapt it inside clipping of the main layer.

It is not too difficult as the template is designed to the millimeter; You literally just have to drag your wallpaper into the black frame, save the creation and transfer it to the iPhone X.

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