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The iPhone 11 is already a reality, and we have already analyzed all its details, we have even compared them with the most powerful Android terminals, and we have given you some complementary options that could be better than apple mobiles. 

Now, it is time to talk about some wallpapers that we have found quite attractive. The design is a section that Apple usually takes care of, and it seems that this year they have invested more hours in their exclusive wallpapers.

The new iPhones are shown to the world as one of the least prominent renovations in recent years. The maintenance of the gigantic notch and a screen almost identical to that of the previous models have been the two points most criticized by users. 

Of course, the triple rear camera in triangular format can be defined as one of the strangest we have seen so far. Many have compared them to a glass ceramic, but few are those who doubt their potential. Although this time we are not talking about data, but about wallpapers that have attracted all eyes. 

You may like iPhone wallpapers and hate many of their characteristics and peculiarities, which is good it should be noted, and the truth is that the new Apple wallpapers are quite attractive. That is why we wanted to make a specific post with each one of these images so that you can “tune” your Android mobile a bit. 

It should be noted that these funds are divided into different sections. First we talk about dark wallpapers in which the fusion of colors of the same tone is the real protagonist. A second section shows brighter and more colorful images, while the last point shows similar backgrounds in which the tones are much more muted.

From here, each user can choose the background they like the most. It is important to note that they are all in the highest quality and can be downloaded directly from this article. All you have to do is adapt the image to your Android mobile to avoid the happy notch.

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