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If you are an iPhone user, you always try to choose attractive and assuasive wallpapers for your smart device. Classy and cool wallpapers make your iPhone device look more soothing and trendy. So, you would not like to put random pictures of views or plain portraits as the wallpaper of your iPhone device. You will search for different websites or install cool wallpapers from different apps.
Wallpapers enhance the beauty and grace of your iPhone. When your device is locked and you unlock to use it, these wallpapers give a charming view. Even so, there are various pictures and portraits that have a flawless view, but they do not go perfectly with your iPhone. Flaws and faults in such images are described below which will explain why you should not set those pictures as your iPhone wallpaper.
Some wallpaper pictures can crash your iPhone
There are many pictures that are about magnificent views like lakes, sunset, greenery, desserts, and hills. They seem pretty nice and many iPhone users who are inspired by nature feel no hesitation in putting such pictures as their iPhone wallpaper. But these pictures do not fit as wallpaper. It is advised to all iPhone users to avoid using such portraits as wallpaper of their iPhone.
Some of these pictures lead to the crash of the iPhone and you cannot reboot your device. The list of smartphones that are vulnerable to such crashes and breakdowns mainly includes android smartphones like Nokia, Samsung, Google, OnePlus and Xiaomi, etc. But iPhones are not safe from this risk. These pictures have an apparently rooted color profile that with no trouble can brick and crash the regularity of your iPhone.
These crashes are damaging in nature for the proper functionality of your iPhone, but they cannot cause permanent breakdown or inefficiency to the whole device. These problems can be amended if you follow one simple guideline. On our website, we provided an unlimited list of cool and HD wallpapers that you can set on your iPhone.
How to set a cool wallpaper of your iPhone
You came across a picture. You really liked if it’s all view and serenity. In the very next moment, you want to set it as your iPhone wallpaper. Spare a few more seconds, remove the color profile of that picture. You can easily do it by simply taking the screenshot of this picture or by editing it so that its original color profile is hindered. Now set it as your trendy and cool wallpaper of your iPhone. By using this simple trick, you can use the picture of your choice as your iPhone wallpaper and can also avoid any crashing to your iPhone system.
Many of the iPhone users are unaware of these awful threats to their devices. As there is no such safety update released till now by iPhone companies to keep iPhone devices safe from such malware, It is your job to take care of your iPhone. If you find such issues while updating the wallpaper of your device, report that wallpaper instantly so that other iPhone users do not face such problems. In 2018, such an issue became visible on Google, but the company did no noticeable research on these flaws and it is still affecting many users.
How to change the wallpaper of iPhone:
Let’s see how to change a picture on the iPhone.

  1. Open your iPhone settings
    Go to Settings on your iPhone, choose wallpaper, and then tap Choose a new wallpaper. Here, you can also turn on Dark Appearance which will dim your wallpaper depending on your ambient light.
  2. Select an image:
    Now you can choose any picture from your photos. The default wallpaper changes with the iOS update. You can also choose a Live wallpaper if you have an iPhone 6s or later.
  3. Move the picture and select a display option:
    Now drag the image. You can also zoom in and zoom out by pinching the picture so that the picture fits the screen. Some pictures do not move and scale. If you want your wallpaper move as you tilt the screen, you can turn on the Perspective Zoom option. Otherwise, tap the Perspective Zoom button to turn it off. This option is also not available when Low Power Mode or reduce Motion is on. If you have selected a Live Photo option, then you can either turn Perspective Zoom or Live Photo effect, but not both at the same time. Once you have adjusted the image, tap Set. Otherwise, tap Cancel to start over.
  4. Set your wallpaper and select where you want it to show up:
    You can put your wallpaper as Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both. The Lock Screen appears when you just wake your iPhone while the Home Screen shows up when your iPhone is unlocked. To see how your wallpaper is looking, you can either lock your screen to see the lock screen or check the Home Screen. To check your Live wallpaper in action touch and hold the Lock Screen and see.

Why the Wallpapers get messed up on my iPhone?
Your iPhone has an installed iOS which automatically tries to adjust the picture you selected in the background. This adjustment depends on the screen size and acceptable image resolution. During this, the iOS stretch the height and width of the image.
If you have selected an image that is not the exact resolution as specified for your iPhone screen, the iOS will stretch it to fit it on the full screen, thus making it blurry.
The best way to avoid this issue is to use pictures that have the same size as your iPhone. However, it is not always possible to find a picture of the same size for your iPhone wallpaper. In this case, you can use a third-party tool to do this job for you and you can get cool and HD wallpaper for your iPhone.

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