Beautiful Wallpapers for iPhone 11

Wallpapers for iPhone 11 and iPad are of high quality, sometimes bright colors, sometimes with interesting patterns or minimalist. But what are the options for setting your own wallpaper on iOS? What are the best sources for high quality wallpapers? And how to find the best wallpaper for your device?

This post contains a collection of beautiful wallpapers for iPhone 11. Standard Apple wallpapers for iPhone 11 aren’t bad, but they can quickly become boring. If you want a little more individuality and you haven’t made the right picture yourself, look for a new background. The world of art is its own, very subjective.

However, as a former photographer I know that I especially love pictures with people because of the emotions that go along with them. However, I believe there are further criteria for choosing wallpapers for the iPhone 11. People’s photos are less suitable as wallpapers because some important part is always covered by the app or app name.

I prefer beautiful colors and expressive contours, which don’t distract me too much, and it’s still nice to look at. Also, I always equate the background image with the lock screen image.

Since there is more space on the lock screen, it is of course more suitable for personal photos of people and moments than the background image. You can also tap and hold to play the wallpaper on the lock screen. All iPhone 11 wallpapers contained in this post can beautify your screen for free, not for commercial use.

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