Black Wallpapers for iPhone

Black Wallpapers for iPhone do not only mean a nice screen appearance, but also significant battery savings. Thanks to the OLED display, choosing the right wallpaper can save up to half the battery! However, this does not mean that the background of the desktop must be dark black. Some wallpapers offer interesting variations in the form of various shapes, elegant lines or contrasting images. Let’s look at some of them now.

Why iPhone wallpapers save up to half battery power

The advent of OLED displays brings several advantages over existing LCD’s. The main one is crystal-free technology, which perceives black as its “natural color”, so it expends minimal energy when displayed. Equally important is its display itself. In the case of OLED displays, black is the base color, which does not consist of the color spectrum of several colors, so you can enjoy the perfect black. The current Apple flagship was the first to sail with the OLED display, for which the following wallpapers are intended.

Black iPhone Wallpapers

Of course, pure black is ideal for maximum savings through wallpaper, but even this color has a lot of shades that help to diversify the black field in various ways. We have selected for you some black wallpapers that save battery and brighten up your desktop. When you click on the gallery, the images with the links to the full resolution will be displayed. From there, all you have to do is download them and set them as wallpaper.

If you don’t like the black background, there’s still the option of classic color wallpapers. These do no harm to the display itself, as the LEDs of the display do not burn out as often as the liquid crystals of conventional displays. But keep in mind that the more colors on the wallpaper, the faster the iPhone’s battery will discharge, despite setting all the power saving measures.

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