Cool iPhone 12 Backgrounds

Have you been looking for the best cool wallpapers for you iPhone 12 phone. Don’t worry, we have made an effort to complete the highest quality wallpapers that will decorate and beautify your iPhone 12 screen.

Let’s get acquainted with the most important details of your mobile device.

Immediately after unpacking, it becomes clear: the iPhone 12 is superbly processed and one of the most attractive smartphones on the market. I have to admit: I was a little skeptical. Because I’m used to a stainless steel case from my iPhone X. 

The blue test device, on the other hand, is “only” wrapped in aluminum – like most premium cell phones from other manufacturers. But that also looks really chic and also makes the smartphone noticeably lighter than the stainless steel Pro models.

For many, that’s probably an advantage. For my part, I prefer the slightly higher weight of the more expensive variants due to the stainless steel. This makes the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max feel a bit more elegant – comparable to a luxurious watch.

That sums up the design difference quite well: While the several hundred euros more expensive Pro versions are reminiscent of luxurious jewelry, the iPhone 12 makes a more dynamic, youthful impression. 

But they are all eye-catchers.New meets oldCompared to the iPhone 11, the main difference is the frame. The edges are no longer rounded, but flat and angular.

This makes the iPhone 12 look like a larger, more modern variant of the iPhone 4 or the first SE. And that’s a good thing – I really like the new old design.The design change may not sound revolutionary, and it is not. But it ensures that a new iPhone looks noticeably different from its direct predecessor for the first time in years.

iPhone 12: Finally an OLED display!The fact that there is hardly anything new at the front only relates to the design. The screen itself is completely new, and a huge step forward compared to the previous model. While this has to be content with an LCD, the iPhone 12 trumps in the test with an OLED display. 

That means: brighter colors, a richer black, better contrast values and lower battery consumption.In addition, the resolution has increased to 2532 x 1170 pixels compared to the iPhone 11.

 A display upgrade in almost all areas, from which film and series fans in particular benefit: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Disney + and Co. put you in a good mood on your mobile phone. The color reproduction and the general image quality were at a consistently high level in the iPhone 12 test – as we are used to from Apple.

It could be even better, though: Personally, I would have liked a 120 Hz display. The high frame rate would make animation even smoother. However, this is not really necessary. In the test, the user experience was extremely smooth – thanks to iOS 14, among other things. Since only very few of you are used to 120 Hz, hardly anyone should miss it.

One thing is certain: Anyone who comes from the iPhone 11, iPhone XR or most Android smartphones can look forward to significantly better image quality. So far, Apple has only installed OLED displays in its high-end models – and they are a lot more expensive than the basic version of the iPhone 12 tested here.

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