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Discover how to make all wallpapers on iPhone 11Pro Max look great .Today I want to share with you a trick that I have been applying for a long time to make all my wallpapers on iPhone 11Pro Max look great. Although the ability to customize iOS is limited – and many iOS users prefer it – there are a few things we can do to make the iPhone 11 Pro Max much more original and personalized than the others. In this case, I like to play with blurring my backgrounds and this is exactly the trick I came to share with you.

As you all know, we can choose any image from our photo reel as wallpaper, both for the house and for the lock. In addition, we can choose whether we want the image to apply only to the lock screen, the home screen, or both. With this in mind, I will explain how to select and set backgrounds.

First, we have to choose any image we want, it must be the same for both the home screen and the lock screen. I especially like how the landscapes look on the iPhone screen, although this is a purely personal matter. If we want to discover great wallpapers, I basically recommend this post which is rich in exceptional wallpapers for your iPhone 11.Once we get the image we want to turn into our background, it’s time to apply this little trick. It is about creating another version of the blurred image that we will establish as the initial background.

The effect it creates is sensational and integrates really well with iOS, which is largely based on minimalism. The gradient allows applications to stand out much more in the foreground and blend well with the docking station and other parts of the system.

Creating another degraded version of the background is perfect for the home screen.

All we need to do is raise or lower the blur control to determine its intensity. I don’t recommend blurring it to the maximum, just enough so that the background image can still be different.

Once we get two versions of the image – the original and the degraded one – we will have to set only the first as the background of the lock screen, and the second for the home screen. I assure you that if you start applying this to your origins, you will start tempting degraded images.

Beautify the screen of your iPhone 11 Pro Max with unique wallpapers and share with us screenshots of your wallpapers, so we can see them.

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