300 iPhone Backgrounds in HD quality

There is nothing simpler and at the same time aesthetic than a good wallpaper for the iPhone. Also known as wallpapers, they are one of the forms of personalization that the iPhone supports. 

If you want to know everything about wallpaper configuration in iOS, in this article you will find all the information you need to know to master it and be able to have your own style that is different from the rest of the iPhone.One of the few customization options for iOS.

You’ve probably heard many times that customizing the interface is one of the great advantages of Android over iOS. While it’s true that new features have emerged in Apple’s operating system recently, it’s true that there are still fewer options than those found in green robot software.

 That’s why changing the background is one of the main customization options for the iPhone.Differences between lock and home screenThere are different types of wallpapers in iOS, as on the one hand we have a home screen where we see icons of apps, widgets and others. 

It could be classified as the “main background” because in the end it is the one we see the most while using the device. 

The one on the lock screen refers to exactly that screen we see when the phone is locked, and we want to see the time or check the notification. This screen is also available if you swipe from top to bottom because the lock screen and notifications are identical from iOS 11.

It should be noted that you can have the same background on both screens, or on each one differently. 

All of this can be configured depending on what you want, as we will show you in the following sections.The content of this post is a combination of the highest quality iPhone wallpapers that will change the screen of your phone and give a special and enchanting look.

How to change background settingsIf you follow the Settings> Wallpapers path and click “Choose a new wallpaper,” you’ll find all the options for adding wallpapers to your iPhone. 

They are categorized into different categories, and once you select the one you want, you’ll just have to click “Define” and choose whether you want it as your background for the lock screen, home screen, or both.These are classic iPhone wallpapers that can vary depending on the iPhone you have and the version of iOS you have installed. 

You can see that many of these seem to be dual, and depending on whether you’ve activated the light or dark interface mode, you’ll be able to see them one way or another.

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