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This post contains the best PS5 games that are thematically very interesting with great effects and that will satisfy everyone’s taste. We have made a list where each game is described separately, in the picture you have a link that leads to a visual introduction and content of each game.
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#1 Batman Arkham Knight


The first gameplay footage of the fourth Arkham game has started appearing on the Internet. The gameplay of this game has been viewed on the Internet several million times, and somehow it seems to us that everyone is curious about what the latest game will look like, especially on the consoles of the new generation.
The creators of the game say that this will be the most impressive Arkham game so far and that it will fill the collection with The Dark Knight in its own unique way. The plot takes place after the second game (Batman Arkham City) and the avenger Batman faces a multitude of new enemies, and we have indications that the old legendary Batman enemies will also appear.
What has become a key question is whether the Joker, Batman's most famous enemy who was killed in the second part of the game, will reappear? There is no information about that yet, but the new enemy, Arkham Knight, has been confirmed, and he will be the main villain of the new story. What we can see from the gameplay is that the graphics are amazing. Visually, this is the best Batman game, and it will surely provoke a lot of good and positive comments when it is finished. The gameplay has remained almost the same as in the previous Arkham games, because the perfect combat system that these games have does not need to be changed.
Only the movements of the hero have been changed, who now fights in a slightly different way and combines his devices differently than before.
Also, in this game, we will have the opportunity to drive a Bet mobile, the famous Batman vehicle, and we will be able to drive it all over Gotham, and not just in isolated parts, as was the case in previous games. We are sure that the new Batman Arkham Knight will leave us without text, and if you are interested in what awaits us in the new game, then take a look at the gameplay.

#2 Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom joins Demon’s Souls as one of the few next-generation releases to arrive with the PS5 this fall. It’s pre-loaded on the console for each user, so you don’t have to pay for it or even download it. It is ready to use as soon as you start the device. And appropriately, it’s a pretty love letter for both the PlayStation platform and for the PS5 itself in the sweet form of video games.

The game takes place inside the new console, and different areas dedicated to different PS5 components and various parts of the game act as a technology demo for the impressive new Dual Sense controller. But that doesn’t mean Astro’s Playroom isn’t fun to play. It’s actually an explosion and you should treat it like a number of simple preloaded demonstrations.

#3 PS5 Demons Souls Remake


As with most games in this genre, at the beginning of the game you create your own character, starting with class, appearance, gender, etc. There are 10 different classes available from wizards and barbarians, to warriors or thieves. Of course, with each class you get special skills and advantages.

 You are in a dark world or. to a kingdom called Boletaria, and your goal is to defeat the demons and thus bring peace and freedom. It is important to point out that the game is not linear, i.e. that you can go through it many times in different ways and with different decisions to the final goal. In addition to the single player which is great, multiplayer is also available. It is necessary to connect to PSN, which allows you to see other players where and in what way certain parts passed before you. You can see them in the game in the form of ghosts that can help you. 

In the role of a lone warrior who dares to enter the damn fog, you will have to face the most difficult challenges to earn the title of "Demon Slayer" and send The Old One to where he came from.

Master war and magic skills Perfect and tighten your fighting skills - know when to rush forward and when to be careful, because every missed swing and every reckless mistake brings the risk of losing the souls you have gathered with great difficulty. 

The rewards for destroying the strongest opponents are fantastic, and death does not mean the end, but only another, alternative state of being. Face the strongest warriors in the world in PVP combat With online * invasions, your campaign is burdened with additional challenges. Or play cooperative by summoning allies to help you fight demons.

#4 Apex Legends GAME

In the multitude of battle Royale titles that began to emerge after the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, Apex Legends has emerged that by its name sounds like another generic representative of this genre that will soon be forgotten. Still, Apex Legends is one of the games with the fastest growing number of players. This information is not enough to get a sincere impression of the game itself, since in this case there are a lot of things that Apex did correctly in relation to competitors and even introduced a number of novelties.

 Apart from following the well-tried battle Royale formula that is already known to everyone, what makes Apex stand out is definitely the team game. Although there are squad formats in other games as well, Apex Legends currently has only teams of three players and inserts a ping system that until now mainly existed only in MOB games such as League of Legends. Although there is a voice chat in the game, the ping system is designed in such a way that almost 90% of communication takes place through it because it gives all the necessary information clearly visible on the screen even without opening the folder. 

Teamwork is also extremely important, although of course there are players who are able to practically carry their team. One of the innovations introduced by Apex Legends is the ability to revive players on your team after someone has killed them - this gives a new dimension of importance to every team member.

Another important factor that contributes to teamwork is the existence of different classes (tank, heal, damage and scout), and this is something taken from Overwatch that has nothing to do with this genre. Since most of the abilities that the characters possess are of the auxiliary type, it is very easy to choose various team compositions that can give a positive result. However, one gets the impression that the tank class has no place in this game.

The only two characters belonging to these class are Gibraltar and Caustic and both characters can rarely be met in a match. Although one of the reasons for their lower representation is the problem with the far larger hit box (since they are two big characters), their abilities are simply not too influential in the course of the fight.

For example, Gibraltar at first glance looks quite solid due to having a huge protective field, but it is very easy to run into that field and kill opponents. So, when everything is added and subtracted, it is very clear why some people choose these characters or why they are considered weaker than others. Of course, the development team will certainly work on the balance, but in general, one gets the impression that the tank class is unnecessary, mostly due to the dynamics of the gameplay.

#5 It Takes Two game

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a good cooperative game without supporting the split-screen option. Many development teams are running away from such a concept, even in racing games, which were once recognizable for that. Haze light Studios noticed that there is a strong cry of gaming souls for such titles, so in 2018 we got an interesting co-op action adventure A Way Out from them. 

The success of that title brought the study a kind of recognition, which they used in the development of the latest title called It Takes Two, in which players experience the adventures and shipwrecks of a married couple who are facing divorce.

The central character of this story is a girl whose parents are divorcing, and as with any child, this situation produces trauma and resentment. Her only consolation is the manual of a certain Dr. Hakim, who claims that she can solve all marital problems. Instead of addressing her parents directly, one day she wished her mom and dad to reconcile over the figurines, which represent her parents. From that moment on, the sincere desire turns into magic, and the parents into clay figurines. Those parents, it's you, and in order to return to your bodies, you need to work on your relationship. Dr. Hakim helps you with that, by sharing challenges all over your house, on magical worlds that an ordinary person cannot see. It is these magical worlds that offer the opportunity for a variety of gameplay, such as Super Mario Odyssey. 

Each world has its own rules of the game, its own powers and its own challenges - you will ski, fly, ride cars and planes, fly with the help of birds, skate, sled, snowball, go back in time, teleport - the list is really long, because it is alone the setting made it possible. 

The feeling of boredom will never be present, not only because of the mentioned diversity, but also because the game often changes the genre itself (the list is really long here as well). It’s basically a plain platformer, but at times it becomes a 2D racing game, and even a roguelike, dungeon crawler. I haven't been so thrilled with one game in a long time, and my girlfriend and I enjoyed the whole adventure. The last time we had this fun was playing Portal 2, which has long since gained cult status. 

The game is full of smart and interesting puzzles, which will not burden you at any moment, moreover, I think you will be delighted with the ideas and imagination of the creators of this title. Bugs are rare and are most often tied to a camera, which can stab or give a bad view. Compared to A Way Out, I think this is a far more serious, fun and dynamic game, but that doesn’t mean their debut was bad, but that It Takes Two is a game that will surely be remembered.

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