The awesome collection of Dark iPhone wallpapers

Dark iPhone wallpaper can be a great addition to your Wallpaper collection. Not only do they look great on the screen, they also add an element of contrast to the device. If you do not like too much color, they are a great way to get even more wallpapers that look cool and customize your iPhone to suit your preferences and mood. Here are just a few of the best we could find in different categories. But before we do that, here’s a guide on wallpaper sizes for your particular iPhone model.

#1 Apple Live wallpaper

If you are into abstract art, here is a wallpaper that might just be ideal for you. It is beautifully dark with the blue color center of gravity that adds to its beauty.

#2 I lost myself in you wallpaper

Are you interested in reading? Here is a great wallpaper to express this live. The wallpaper is beautifully dark with a sampling of books. The text describes the feeling of a book lovers experience once in a while.

#3 Red Rose Dark wallpaper

This one is simple yet powerful. The single Red Rose stands out in the dark background providing the most beautiful starting point of color in an otherwise dark wallpaper.

#4 The way to heaven wallpaper

This is simple but its importance could be very powerful. It really does look like a road to heaven so if you are into deep philosophy and it represents, it is a must have.

#5 Square Party Dark wallpaper

Abstract beauty does not get better than this. It's dark and encouraging thought so if you are into the abstract, this is a good wallpaper for a collection.

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