Best iPhone X HD Wallpapers

The new smartphone also has an updated version of dynamic wallpapers – iPhone X owners can already decorate the desktops of their newly purchased devices with them.

Apple’s new smartphone is rushing with 6 original LIVE covers. The first 3 use a format that you can see on the packaging of the device and are also included. The remaining 3 are wallpapers for iPhone x that are familiar to many from the presentation.

Despite the fact that the beta version of registered developers is still in the testing phase, regular users can view and even take the background of the iPhone x iOS 11 on some internet sources, especially on my website where you will find the largest selection.

New wallpapers for iPhone X

Seven versions of dynamic backgrounds in green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, as well as in a multicolor version have been released. The animated wallpaper iPhone x is the first launch of the format since it was first introduced with iOS 7.

By using a dark background in the status bar, the iPhone X wallpaper helps control the cropping of the microphone and camera, which is visible in normal colored backgrounds and bothers many people. The dark, rounded edge blends the background of the iPhone x with the top of the screen and hides the unevenness of the cutout.

It is worth mentioning that many have added such a board by editing the image in Photoshop. Although the background of the Apple iPhone x solved this problem, the cutout is still visible when illuminated by animated screen saver elements.

IOS apps with HD wallpapers for iPhone (including X, XS, XS Max) and iPad – will allow you to install beautiful and free wallpapers on a variety of themes on your devices.

IOS is less popular than the same Android in terms of visual desktop and interface settings – for Apple smartphones, tablets and players, the latest version of OS 11 changes the curtain widgets (where you can see the time and quickly determine the current position on the map and launch the last song from Apple Music) and a checkpoint where you can remove the buttons – from the flashlight to the magnifying glass and notes.

The rest is beyond the control of the iPhone or iPad owner – for example, you can’t change the size of shortcuts and button positions on the iOS screen, install devices directly to the desktop, or add some kind of animation (is that worth it?). Therefore, the only way to influence the perception of the interface is to change the screen saver or desktop image.

The idea is mostly not new, web pages with images for a certain screen resolution appeared in the early 2000s, the way the plan was implemented changed. You don’t have to spend hours studying iOS wallpaper pages, closing ads now and then, and manually selecting display options for your smartphone or tablet model, measuring all available pixels. From now on, you can rely on experts – special iOS libraries that store a complete collection of images of various themes suitable for any screen. It only remains to look at this post and choose really the best iPhone X wallpaper.

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