Pokemon Wallpapers in HD quality

Did you know that it is now possible to download official Pokémon GO wallpapers? We want you to have them, since Niantic has published the first Pokémon GO funds. 

At the moment, there are only 3, which as you can imagine is a fund for each team and which older has the team logo and name. They are quite beautiful, and you can put them right now on your smartphone, they are of great quality.It is the Pokémon GO boys themselves who have published the image with the Pokémon GO wallpapers on Twitter. 

You cannot miss them, because they have no waste whatsoever. Sure you like the one on your team, remember that you can choose it at level 5:Download official Pokémon GO wallpapersAs you can see, these 3 backgrounds are quite normal. 

They are also nothing to write home about. If you have already chosen equipment, you will know that you cannot change it, so you will have to go all out. If you want to personalize your smartphone with these official Pokémon GO backgrounds, it’s time for you to discover them.These backgrounds are available to download in different resolutions, based on the screen size of your smartphone. 

Once you download it (we recommend that you open the download link from your mobile), you will have to open the image and set it as the wallpaper on your mobile or tablet.We leave you at the end of the article the link to download the wallpapers of Pokémon GO. 

We only have 3 varieties so far, but we trust that the guys at Niantic will get more batteries and launch new funds, from the game itself more than from the teams.

Download your team’s wallpapers in Pokémon GO now. We leave you below the link for you to download it, and we hope you enjoy these funds as much as we do, of course they do not have any waste.

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