The Best iPhone 11 Backgrounds

Given the amount of time we spend looking at our phones, an attractive wallpaper can really change the experience. As the backgrounds can be changed as desired, I think it is useful to have a collection of backgrounds to select each mood. This is what prompted this list of the best iPhone 11 wallpapers.

One of the main features and biggest selling points of the iOS operating system in general is certainly the wide range of personalization it offers. Who among us does not like to waste time searching for adequate and perfect wallpaper that satisfies all our needs. Using a web browser as our primary source of attractive and delicious backgrounds is not exactly the most practical way to get the job done.

The fact is certainly the impossibility of finding the appropriate dimensions. That is why in the following text we present the top 50 iPhone 11 wallpapers that will surely make your life easier and more beautiful.

iPhone 11 is very similar, as mentioned, to iPhone XR. Basically it represents an evolution and refinement. If you ever missed it, iPhone XR was not only the best-selling iPhone but also the best-selling phone ever in the world of 2018/2019, so Apple may have been right to stick with the previous model. After all, as we say below, iPhone 11 debuts at a lower price than that of the iPhone XR and this should be a further driving force of the market for this smartphone.

Aesthetically, the novelties compared to the iPhone XR are very few. None, indeed, if colors are excluded. iPhone 11 is presented in the new lavender and green colors; but also the other colors have almost all been changed: the yellow is less intense and bright, the black is slightly more opaque and the Product (RED) seems slightly more “pink”. Personally, we have never been big fans of the iPhone XR’s aggressive and flashy colors and despite the more minimalist look of this year’s, we remain of this opinion. We are even less convinced by the lavender and mint green colors, but these are opinions and nothing is more questionable than the taste on colors.

The back remains shiny even if the part around the camera is in opaque glass (the opposite of the iPhone 11 Pro). As with the iPhone XR, this choice makes the iPhone 11 very sensitive to fingerprints. The glass has been improved and made more resistant, but you don’t notice it (or you hope you won’t be forced to realize why iPhone 11 should fall from your hand…). What is evident is the bump with the two cameras.

As mentioned in the iPhone 11 Pro review, we don’t know why Apple has undoubtedly made such a bold aesthetic choice. In iPhone 11 Pro perhaps has technical reasons (arrangement of the optics) to support the software. But in the iPhone 11 it is certainly a stylistic solution since the iPhone XS also had two cameras, and they were not on a square platform. Probably Apple has thus approved the design of the 2019 iPhones, but the result has something bizarre. iPhone 11 resembles the face of a robot, with eyes, nose and … mole.

iPhone 11, IP-68 certified, is also modestly more water resistant than the iPhone XR: it withstands a submersion at a depth of two meters for 30 minutes instead of one meter for 30 minutes. In practice, it is the same resistance that the iPhone XS had and less than that of the iPhone 11 Pro.

How to handle it We have already written this in the past about the iPhone XR, and we repeat it today: the iPhone 11 with its 6.1-inch display represents an honest compromise for those who want a one-handed phone and a large screen. It is not as condescending to those with a small hand or those who prefer a phone that is not too heavy like the iPhone 11 Pro, but it is not as extreme as the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Difficult to touch the “back” button which is at the top left of the screen. Take this into account … Handled it provides a good solidity effect. And like iPhone XR it is not even very heavy (just under two ounces). And also not too slippery thanks to the non-shiny back that will take fingerprints, but “sticks” to the fingers. The case, perhaps the transparent Apple one that arrives this year, is always recommended, however The screen On the screen there would be little to say.
It’s the same, identical, 61-inch display from last year. This is a very good, possibly the best LCD screen in a phone. Too bad that with its resolution of 1792 x 828 and the same pixel density that had the iPhone 4 (326ppi) it loses the comparison of the specifications or in the price / quality ratio on the market with other competing products.
If you evaluate smartphones of the same range it will be understood that from a technical point of view, as valid as it is, the iPhone 11 screen struggles: the OnePlus 7 Pro which costs 700 euros but has a 3,120 × 1,440 OLED screen at 90 Hz; the Google Pixel 3a has a 2,220 × 1,080 LCD screen and costs 400 euros. Does Q LCD instead of OLED represent a problem in daily use or in the enjoyment of what we see on the screen?
We would say no. the software calibration, Apple’s ability to manage the system also using TrueTone, the Wide Color Display technology, the excellent brightness, make iPhone 11 a very satisfying product for every use: videos, photos, navigation.
Of course the blacks are less deep and the contrast less powerful than an OLED screen, but there is certainly no complaint. If anything, we had hoped for a reduction in the frames which, although thin, make the front look more dated and older than the quality of the images.
Sound The audio coming out of the iPhone 11 speakers, which supports Dolby Atmos, is very good. We will not repeat what we wrote in the iPhone 11 Pro review because there is nothing different to say. Apple may go too far when it comes to stage effect, but the spatially and channel separation is excellent. The power is also high.
The camera The camera of the iPhone 11 is the main novelty of the iPhone 11. iPhone XR had only one lens, now there are two, and they do almost everything that the three cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro do. The 52 mm zoom lens is missing but everything else of the advantages that we describe in the review of iPhone 11 Pro there are also in iPhone 11.
In particular, the photo with ultra-wide angle (equivalent to a 13 mm) offers great flexibility in terms of creativity, there is the night shot function we have already mentioned a lot and about which a lot more will be said, the revamped software and interface, which are just as important as the hardware, work with the same way.
It is easy to understand that if iPhone 11 Pro is much superior to iPhone XS in the photographic shot, in the same sector iPhone 11 literally shreds iPhone XR which had a good camera, but certainly not prodigious.
From the point of view of quality, the iPhone 11 camera in the shots we took seemed capable of more detailed shots, better in medium and low lights, perhaps thanks to the contribution of Smart HDR which operates more effectively than the version implemented on iPhone XR. Below in the first two photos you see iPhone 11 in action with an ultra-wide angle and wide shot. Lastly, the same shot with the iPhone XR.
This post is definitely a good choice if you like to change backgrounds often. All the features and iPhone 11 wallpapers you want to use from this post are free and the possibilities are limitless.
Certainly, those who have come this far have done so trying to figure out whether it is convenient to buy an iPhone 11. The answer largely depends on what phone you have and what you ask of a smartphone. This is a closed-eye purchase for those who have an old iPhone, while if you have an iPhone XR or are evaluating it as an alternative to an XR (which remains on the market) you must take into account that basically the only thing that will make the difference in everyday life it will be the camera.
The same thing must be said, in reverse, if you have put it in a ballot with an iPhone 11 Pro. Here to the real difference (perhaps less than it does in the relationship with the iPhone XR) is in the camera. Questions, doubts, ballots aside, but we are sure of one thing: anyone who bought an iPhone today and was undecided about what to buy, if they chose an iPhone 11 would not be disappointed.
Apple with the iPhone 11 made the iPhone for everyone and everything. It is powerful, has a good quality and sufficiently large screen, a photographic sector capable of giving satisfaction and internal components identical to that of an iPhone 11 Pro and finally, by Apple standards, it is also economical. It is not the best iPhone you can buy today (if you are looking for the best, go to the iPhone 11 Pro but spend at least 350 euros more), but it is the most rational iPhone of the moment.
We hope we have brightened your day with this post that clarified the features of the iPhone 11.
Share iPhone 11 wallpapers with your friends and use them for personal use only.

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